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Baron of Beef Restaurant


At the Baron of Beef Restaurant you will have a dining experience second to none. Four chefs with world wide experience will give you a five star culinary treat. All of our dishes are prepared with the freshest of ingredients. We serve ONLY “prime” cuts of meat and everything is of the best quality. We use fresh herbs from our gardens to subtly enhance the flavors of your triple entrée four-course candle light dinner while you dine in elegant style overlooking the Echo Canyon from your private table.

Dining Menu

Prime Center Cut Ribeyes
20 oz

Kobe Beef Center Cut Tenderloin
10 oz

Prime Center Cut New York
18 oz with a Classic Pepper, Jack Daniel’s Glaze

Prime Center Cut Filet Mignon
10 oz in a Fine Wine and Mushroom Sauce

Roast Prime Center Cut Elk Medallions
in a Currant Brandy and Light Wine Sauce

Grilled Duck Breast
in a Citrus and Gran Marnier Sauce

Macadamia Nut Encrusted Alaskan Halibut
baked in a Light Wine and Cream Sauce

Grilled Hawaiian Style Ahi
finished in Shrimp Marsala Sauce

Crab Mornay ( Alaskan King Crab)
served over Rice with a Rosemary Shitaki Sauce

Jumbo Shrimp Scampi
in a Garlic Butter Sauce

Crab Cakes
with a Remoulade Sauce

Roast Turkey Breast
with Traditional Gravy

Chicken Picatta
in Fine Wine Sauces

All Dinners include mixed green salad, stuffed potato, fresh vegetables, and fantastic desserts with a fresh Peach Hibiscus drink (made with Echo Canyon peaches).

Every Evening is a set triple entree dinner.

Vegetarian or Vegan options are available upon special request.

Dinner $69.00 per person

Outside Dinner Club Guest $79.00 per person.

* Kobe Beef 6 oz./8 oz.~~~~$20/$30 extra.


Baron of Beef dining

“Once again we celebrated our birthdays and wedding anniversary at your lovely resort, and once again we had a most pleasurable and relaxing stay. Your hospitality is so genuine and gracious. We truly appreciate the extra effort you put into all you do. Of course, the food here is the best you can find anywhere. Thanks so much!”……Sandra & Vicor S. – Norman, OK

“The food was absolutely delicious and the room was lovely.”……Larry & Kate S.

“The best place for food and lodging is an understatement”…….J. H.

“Come for the food & the view, but don’t forget to hike the grounds……”Jim & Teresa K.

“One of the top 3 meals I’ve ever eaten..”……Stan G.

“This is the most glorious steaks I’ve ever had.”……Nichole V.

“I want your recipes.”……..Heather D.

“Your breakfast carried me through the whole day.”……..Alex D.

“Wow, I’ve never had such a super breakfast.”……..Brad T.

“Please tell me how you got those flavors, they’re wonderful.”…….Hillary A.

“The most incredible dinner I’ve ever eaten and I’ve eaten all over the world.”…….Brian C.

Carol Ann Van Horn’s very own recipes are available and are healthy, low fat and diabetic friendly.